Pack 3 Old Greenwich

Join Pack 3!!!

Kickoff Meeting on Tuesday, September 16th 

Old Greenwich School Cafeteria 6:30-7:30pm

Please join us to learn about pack activities for the year and how you can get involved!

Email with any questions

Letter from the Cubmaster 

Welcome back Pack 3 from your summer vacations.  I hope you all had a nice summer and did lots of fun things!

As we begin the school year, it is time to think of gearing up the Dens and the Pack for the scouting year. With that, comes a renewed call for people to step up and volunteer their time to help the Pack.  We are putting a call out for volunteers for Pack 3, we need a Cubmaster and an Assistant Cubmaster to lead the Pack.  We also need parents volunteer to lead a meeting or help set up or do some administrative functions.  Please, let me know if you have any interest and I can speak with you to go over generally what the work entails.  There are lots of resources out there to help with ideas for pack meetings and with a little planning, they are not too difficult to pull together.

We also need Den leaders.  One parent from each grade level needs to be the official Den leader.  This does not mean that the Den leader is the only parent in that Den who has a role.  Each parent should commit their time to help out and it is my belief that each parent should have a turn at planning/leading at least one Den meeting during the year (preferably more!).  Again, the more hands the better.  Also, being involved helps your son have a greater experience as they are doing something with you as well.

Let me take this opportunity to thank those who lead the Dens last year:

Fourth Grade Webelos - Kerry Meyers
Third Grade Bear Scouts - Chris Yu
Second Grade Wolf Scouts - Sarah Berg

Thank you for the time you put in last year and guiding each of the Dens to a successful year.

Thanks to all of those who helped in unofficial ways throughout the year last year.  I would start thanking people by name, but I would for sure leave someone out inadvertently and so I will just say thank you to all.

Yours In Scouting,

Steve Clark